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8 Great Scholarships Sponsored or Inspired by Celebrities

Are you looking for celebrity scholarships? You may also be interested in obtaining the best scholarship essay help from our services. Getting a scholarship is not easy, but there are many opportunities available, so you won’t run out of choices. By winning a scholarship, you can complete your education for free. There is no limit to the number of scholarships you can apply to, but make sure to increase your chances by submitting amazing requirements on time.


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Tips for Applying for a Scholarship

See the following for tips when applying for a scholarship so that you can increase your chances in any of them.

  • Campus location: Applying for a scholarship is challenging, so it is better if you consider the campus’ location. Consider the distance and the campus location to the surrounding cities. There are questions you need to ask yourself, such as how much you need to spend coming home. You must also know if you could manage to go to and from the far cities in the country.
  • Comprehensive curriculum: In applying, you need to check out their curriculum if it is comprehensive or not. A scholarship program offering a wide scope of learning will help you with the needed skills and knowledge for practice.
  • Documents: There are celebrity scholarships available around the world, and you can apply for it. However, make sure that you can submit all the needed requirements on time. Check the website of the program for more information. If you found out that it is not possible to submit the requirements on time, then you may consider applying to other scholarship programs online.

A variety of organizations and campus clubs: In applying for a scholarship, think whether you want to join organizations or campus clubs. Do you want to become a member of a fraternity or sorority? Do you want to involve yourself in a sport’s team or club? These are the essential questions to ask because there are scholarship programs requiring students to become part of a club or an organization.

Famous and Prestigious Scholarships

If you are talented and motivated, you can apply to famous and prestigious scholarships around the world. Here are some of the best scholarships you can check out and apply to.

  1. Fullbright Foreign Student Program: The deadline for the scholarship program is February to October 2017. The Fullbright program enables young professionals, artists, and graduate students to conduct and study research in the U.S at United States universities or any other academic institutions.
  2. British Chevening Scholarship: The scholarship is available for international students, and it is a global scholarship program that is funded by Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as their partner organizations. The program is offering awards to outstanding scholars with great leadership potential.
  3. Endeavor postgraduate scholarship: The scholarship program gives financial support for applicants overseas. It provides them with an opportunity for a postgraduate qualification at PhD or Masters Level through research or coursework in any field in Australia.
  4. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program: The program was established by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development enabling French education establishments to get top international students to enroll in their PhD and Master courses. The program gives fund to master courses that last between 12 and 36 months.
  5. Swiss Government Excellence Program: Every year, the program awards excellence scholarships in promoting research cooperation and international exchange between Switzerland are more than 180 countries. The scholarship program is available to all postgraduate researchers who are planning to pursue their research or to further their studies in a post-doctoral or doctoral level.
  6. Gates Cambridge Scholarship: The scholarship program is one of the prestigious scholarships around the globe. The scholarship is awarded to great applicants outside the United Kingdom, and it helps them in pursuing a full-time postgraduate degree.
  7. Clarendon Fund Scholarships: This is a major scholarship offered at the University of Oxford. They are offering around 140 scholarships each year. The scholarship program is awarded based on academic potential and academic excellence.
  8. Schwarzmans Scholarship: The scholarship was designed in preparing scholars to become the next global leaders. It is the first scholarship created that responds to a geopolitical landscape of the 21st century. The scholarship program gives the brightest and best students the chance to develop their professional networks and leadership skills.

Problems in Applying: Tips to Cope with Them

  • Stay calm: Not panicking is one of the most important things you should do in order to come up in applying. If you think something can be done, then you can do it. Thus, if you want to overcome the hurdles in applications, you must first believe in yourself and always be confident that you can accomplish your goals to succeed.
  • Adjust expectations: College is difficult compared to high school, so you need to adjust your expectations in applying. Always make sure that you prepare yourself that things will be tough and you will overcome the challenges.
  • Ask others for help: Ask other people to look at the problem and get their suggestions.
  • Do something to de-stress: Make sure to get rid of stress as well as get enough sleep. Some relaxation activities to try include deep breathing, yoga and meditation. You can also try to join support groups and network with more people with the same goals of succeeding in the application. A boost in motivation is a great way of getting rid of stress.

If you need scholarship essay writing tips, refer to the guide above, and get started on the application earlier. You must also learn how to overcome the struggles to face in the application.  Nevertheless, keep your eye on the prize and stay motivated.

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